Meet the Girl-Bosses Behind “Hello Gorgeous Girl” Women Fashion Brand

Hello Gorgeous Girl. You know they say - Life is a party. Dress for it!

After 10 years of friendship and admiring each other's style, two boss-babes -  Ada and Angelika - with a passion for fashion decided to combine their talents and eye for a unique style to create the "Hello Gorgeous Girl” brand!

Meet the Girl Bosses Behind the Hello Gorgeous Girl Brand!

Hello Gorgeous Girl Women's Fashion

Business owners and partners in crime, Ada and Angelika are go-getting fashion-forward entrepreneurs.

Ada, who's known as a successful TV Host has always had a love for cultural flares, textured prints, and feminine details like lace. Ada comes from a background in marketing and branding and is a 20 year veteran of the broadcast television industry.  Ada is the dynamic and creative force behind acclaimed projects as the popular Look! i Cook! Television show, airing across Canada on CityTV and OMNI TV. Ada is also the executive producer of "Travel, Eat, Have Fun, Repeat." and she is about to launch her new TV Show - What's Cooking with Grego & Ada!

Hello Gorgeous Girl Women's Fashion TV Host Ada Founder


Angelika is the creative lead buyer at Parler LaMode, her style is translated into unique fashion finds from the most exotic places around the globe to provide the modern-girl fashion styles like no others. From the love to high-quality materials and colours, Angelika has partnered with various successful brands like sustainable-fashion line, Preloved to hit the World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week, and has curated pieces worn from celebrities across Canada like Roxy Earle from The Real Housewives of Toronto among others.  Angelika believes in women empowerment and is first to try new things and stock up on off the shoulder tops, funky detailed skirts, jumpsuits, unique women dresses, accessories and everything sexy to help make women feel strong and confident.


"Hello Gorgeous Girl" is more than an online fashion store.  Ada & Angelika's vision is built upon the backbone of beautiful and powerful women that want to look and feel their best, and that's why "Hello Gorgeous Girl" inventory is always being stocked to carry specially sourced bold accessories, dainty jumpsuits and overall is leading the way in the women-fashion industry!

Strut your stuff loud and proud in a "Hello Gorgeous Girl" original today, and let's show the world what we're made of!



Happy Shopping  


Angelika & Ada


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