Summer News! Boss Lady Ada at “Free Them” & Boss Lady Angelika Beach Fashion

“Hello Gorgeous Girl” is all about empowering women to be, feel and look their best; there is no limit to what you can achieve! With that in mind, the last few weeks were filled with amazing energy and magic of collaborations.


 “Free Them” Charity Project 


Boss Lady Ada was a part of the 2019 campaign Free Them, a charity creating awareness about human trafficking. Ada was invited by talented world traveller, realtor, TEDx Speaker, and founder for Free Them, Shae Invidiata.  The campaign was joined by powerful men and woman such as TV Host & Personality Tania Kim amongst others.



Statistics about Human Trafficking in Canada: 87% of those trafficked in Canada are Canadians. The average age of entry into forced prostitution and exploitation is 13 years-old. The two most prevalent forms of Human Trafficking in Canada are forced labour and forced prostitution. There are more than 30 million people in global slavery today. Globally, it’s a $37 billion dollar industry per annum.

To learn more about the walk taking place on Saturday, September 21st, 2019 and to register, click HERE.



Hot Summer Outfits 

While Ada and Angelika try their best to attend events together and supporting each other, this time around, Angelika cheered on Ada’s participation in the “Free Them” campaign from a sunny beach while enjoying a family vacation and curating the latest fashion pieces for the Fall/Winter season. Stay tuned, those pieces will be available in our online shop soon!

Now, to the best part, have a look at these summer woman outfits Angelika wore, they were sure to hit up the vibrant streets in South Beach. 



Shop The Looks

Angelika’s Outfits:

Angie’s Jumpsuit

Beatrice Embroidered Dress  

Emily Maxi Summer Dress

Magda Maxi Blue Dress

Ada’s Favourite Summer Outfits

Happy Shopping 

Angelika and Ada - XOXO

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